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Golden Plover

Golden Plover
Ilkley Moor photo: Keith Allen

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sunday 30 November 2014

Stockbridge Reserve (members only) - with temperatures high for the time of year, the feeding stations were quiet. Water Rail was seen by Keith only. We had a Grey Wagtail visit the island and it was good to see a Kestrel on site again. The bird hunted for a while and landed a few times on the tree which has the new Kestrel box on it.
Keith, Tom & Shaun

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Saturday 29 November 2014

Tong Park:  - 
Water Rail in swampy area by cricket pitch plus Kingfisher on lake.
Roger Wilkinson

Royds Hall area - 
First sighting of a Woodcock down here for me this morning along with;3 Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Treecreeper, 3 Cormorant, 4 Jay
Jamie Brass

Friday, 28 November 2014

Friday 28 November 2014

Royds Hall Dam, Low Moor - 
Cormorant 4, Herring Gull 2, Lapwing 2, Little Grebe 3
Great Crested Grebe 2
Jamie Brass

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Monday 24 November 2014

Barden Scale - Buzzards, Kestrel, Red Kite, 3 Stonechat, 30+ Redpoll,
 40+ Goldfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker.
 Brian Vickers                    

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday 23 November 2014

Barden Scale - Red Kites, Buzzards, Hen Harrier, Kestrels, Green and Great
Spotted Woodpecker, 23 Pink Feet Geese Nw.
Brian Vickers

Bingley at three rise locks this afternoon - singing Dipper
Stockbridge Reserve ( members only) - 4 Cormorant up river, heard Water Rail briefly, Woodcock flushed, feeders quiet.
Shaun Radcliffe

Glovershaw - A skein of 70 Pink-footed Geese passed over at 2pm.  They flew from the NE towards the SW.
Paul King

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Thursday 20 Nvember 2014

Stockbridge Reserve (members only) - Peregrine Falcon, Cormorant.
Shaun Radcliffe & John Preshaw

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Oxenhope Moor - Peregrine Falcon, Kestrel.
Brian Vickers

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tuesday 18th November 2014

Yeadon Tarn
Three Pochard, 12 Tufted Duck, seven Great Crested Grebes, 11 Goosander, four Mute Swans, a Cormorant and two Siskins.
Paul King

Upwood Farm - in the swirling mist, C300 Fieldfare flew east towards Sunnydale area.
Also a Kestrel & 2 Red Kite seen.
Shaun Radcliffe

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday 16 November 2014

Ben Rhydding - at 11.35 a flock of 70 Pink Foot flew S W
Helen & David Kidman

Stockbridge Reserve (members only) - 31 species recorded this morning including the following - Water Rail heard, a small Fieldfare flock flew east, both Redwing & a few Fieldfare fed in the hedges nearby, also a Woodcock flushed there.
The feeders attracted Reed Bunting, Bullfinch, GSW plus other finches & tits.
Shaun Radcliffe

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Saturday 15 November 2014

Bolton Abbey -Apparently monospecific flock of about 70 Bramblings on and under beech trees near Waterfall Cottage, beside tar road about 300 yds upstream from Cavendish Pavilion.
Roger Nelson

Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday 14 November 2014

Whetstone - pair of Stonechat
Bradup - Little Owl
Upwood trees - 18 Brambling, 5 Redwing
Shaun Radcliffe

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thursday 13 November 2014

Stockbridge Reserve (members only) - flock of 20 Redpoll closely followed by a Sparrowhawk. Water Rail only heard. Grey Wagtail on an island & 28 Fieldfare flew east.
Shaun Radcliffe

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Ben Rhydding - Male blackcap in our garden, sitting in the laurel in pouring rain! 11.30am
David and Helen Kidman

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Royds Hall area - 2 Little Grebe, Great Spotted Woodpecker, 9 Jay, 12 Chaffinch,1 Brambling
C300 Woodpigeon
Jamie Brass

Monday, 10 November 2014

Monday 10 November 2014

Strid Wood -   93 Mandarin Duck -4- Goosander - 1 Kingfisher- 2 Dipper - 1 Grey Wagtail.
Ken Limb

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sunday 9 November 2014

Barden Scale - Hen Harrier, Buzzards, Red Kites, Kestrels, Sparrowhawks,
Great Spotted Woodpeckers 3, several flocks of Fieldfare.
Brian Vickers

Guiseley garden - 2 Tree Sparrow.
Roger Wilkinson

Stockbridge Reserve (members only) - Water Rail showed well between the willows in front of hide, Grey Wagtail on island, Bullfinch at feeder, up to a dozen or so Redpoll feeding on Silver Birch with Goldfinches.
Shaun Radcliffe et al

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Saturday 8 November 2014

Queensbury - Woodcock seen in rapid flight over Foxhill Junior School at 10.20.
Howard Creber

Royds Hall area - C30 Blackbirds, C15 Robins, Fieldfare small groups at first 6, 9, 20, then C40 from > E , NE, Mistle Thrush 12, Nuthatch 6, Redwing, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Longtail tit 8,Meadowpipit 7
Pied Wagtail
Raptor high above Wibsey mobbed by crows - maybe Buzzard.
Jamie Brass

Yeadon Tarn - 9 G C Grebe, 7 Tufted, single Goldeneye & Goosander.
Knotford Nook - 24 Wigeon, 5 G C Grebe, 14 Tufted, 3 Goldeneye
Private Wetlands (permit holders only) -4 Tufted, G C Grebe, 10 Wigeon, 6 Goldeneye, Buzzard
plus a flock of 70 Fieldfare flying E.
Shaun Radcliffe

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Thursday 6 November 2014

Hazlewood Moor -  Several flocks of Fieldfares; smaller flocks of 30 - 50 in moor-side berry bushes, and one flock of about 300 rising up out of roost in heather on open moor.
Mixed flock of about 150 Lapwings and Starlings taking off from open pasture to rise above a couple of Red Kites and mob the latter en masse 
Roger Nelson.
Stockbridge Reserve (members only) - good views of Water Rail bathing, single Snipe flew over the reserve & dropped into farmer's field, Bullfinch.
John Preshaw, Mike Bloomfield & Shaun Radcliffe

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Silsden - 250 Pinkfooted Geese flying west along Aire Valley at 13.00.
Derek & Brenda Parkin

Monday, 3 November 2014

Monday 3 November 2014

Northcliffe Park, Shipley - Singing Chiff-Chaff.
A report on Twitter yesterday of five Parakeets in the Park near Westcliffe Road, Shipley.
Casper Pottle

Yesterday -  a Tree Sparrow fed with House Sparrows at the garden feeder at Low Moor, last record 1979!
Martyn Priestley