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Ring Ouzel

Ring Ouzel
Upper Wharfedale - April 14th photo: Roger Nelson

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saturday, 8th March 2014

On very gloomy morning there were at least 12 pairs of Lapwings on territory in the fields around Golcar Farm.  There was also a pair of Grey Partridge feeding alongside a flock of 150 Starlings.  At least two pairs of Snipe flew up and around their breeding area and a two pairs of Curlew probed the soft ground.  Two pairs of Oystercatchers could be seen across Birch Close Lane and a pair of Red Grouse flew from a grassy bank.  A Reed Bunting persistently sang from a low tree, Sky Larks were on the wing and Meadow Pipits were active.
Paul King

In addition to the birds mentioned by Paul, I had a pair of Linnet at Faweather Farm with one of the birds singing plus 2 hares near Weecher.
Shaun Radcliffe

Leeshaw Reservoir -93 Canadas, 22 Greylags & 4 Oystercatchers
Brian Vickers

Walsh Lane, Heights Lane, Eldwick Reservoir, Golcar FarmPrince of Wales Park
Siskin 2, Little Owl 2, Lapwing 50+, Meadow Pipit 18 (one flock on Heights Lane), Kestrel 3, Curlew 8, Oystercatcher 4, Cormorant 1
(28 other species seen). Also Long-tailed Tits seen in Bingley collecting nesting material, Rooks in the Lady Lane rookery are repairing nests and building new ones.
Phil Matthews