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Golden Plover

Golden Plover
Ilkley Moor photo: Keith Allen

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday 12th May 2013

Bolton Abbey
An adult summer-plumaged Mediterranean Gull was over the river near the Cavendish Pavilion at about 4pm.  It was very vocal and seemed to be taking an active interest in one of several Black-headed Gulls it was with.
Keith Moir 

Shipley Glen

As this cold spring continues it was no surprise to find the woods almost muted. A few Willow Warblers sang from the outer edges, but apart from a tentative Blackcap, there were no other Warblers.  A Song Thrush scurried through the undergrowth, a Sparrowhawk sailed overhead and three Nuthatches were easily heard.

The first Lapwing chicks are about and it must have been these that attracted the ever present Kestrel.  A furious aerial battle took place and the predator left, no doubt to return later.  Four female Wheatears were feeding at the end of Birch Close Lane and a Whitethroat and another four Willow Warblers sang from near Crook Farm.
Paul King

Strid Wood
There were two Wood Warblers at Strid Wood by stone shelter this morning, one of them was ringed. They were calling occasionally and singing a couple of notes but not the full trill.  There were also 10 to 12 Pied Flycatchers, three Common Sandpiper, eight Mandarin (three females, all appeared paired).
A Barnacle Goose flew over the road as we came back into Addingham from Bolton Abbey - probable escape, given the time of year?

Phil & Hilary (back from Cornwall for the weekend).